Welcome to Kyoto
The Culture Heart of Japan

ninnajiThe stage for your event, Kyoto, proudly reigned as capital of Japan for 1200 years. This history and heritage lives on in the 1.5 million population modern city: Seventeen UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites are situated in a cityscape dominated by 2000 temples and shrines. The city offers you endless opportunities to gain meaningful hands-on experience of rich Kyoto culture through Tea Ceremony, sake brewing, kimono wearing, swordsmanship, and more. Japan is renowned for its safety and the compactness of Kyoto makes for wonderful strolling during free time. From the moment of arrival at Kansai International Airport - just 75mins from the city centre - guests of this city are pampered with everything you need from refined Kyoto service.

Such is the global attraction of Kyoto it has recently been voted variously the world's number two (Wanderlust, 2011) and number three (Conde Nast Traveler, 2012) favourite city.

Appeal of Kyoto As A Meeting Destination

Kyoto - Ancient Capital

 In the year 794, the Emperor Kammu built a new city named “Heian-Kyo” - Capital of Peace. Kyoto remained the Imperial seat for over a millennium. In the twenty-first century the vibrant city proudly shows you why the undisputed culture heart of Japan is also the convention city of choice.

Fascinating World Cultural HeritageCity

A thousand years as the capital city has left a legacy of tradition and elegance making Kyoto a living museum. Indeed the concentration of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in Kyoto is not matched by anywhere else in the entire world. Remarkably many of these locations are open to discuss holding your event onsite. The result: a truly unique, truly Kyoto programme cherished in the memory of each participant.

Furthermore, the fine arts that define Kyoto can be brought to your event to give full immersion into this intriguing city. Indulge in epitome of Kyoto hospitality as geisha (known as Geiko and Maiko in Kyoto) from five thriving schools in the city entertain you with their famed willowy dances and haunting songs.

Inspiring & Progressive Modern City

This rich heritage is reflected in modern technical advances. Kyoto is packed with opportunities to rub shoulders with new frontier industries and top Japanese scholars. In fact half of all Japanese Nobel Prize winners have been KyotoUniversity researchers. You can even learn how one leading company uses traditional ceramics to create solutions for the microelectronics industry.

Friendly People—Welcoming Atmosphere

Kyoto residents are renowned for their hospitality: Outstanding service is part of the city pride. Therefore rest assured that wherever you go, be it meeting venues, hotels, restaurants or enchanting cobbled lane, you will be welcomed with all the warmth of the culture heart of Japan.

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